Akron gear keeps you running strong.

Akron Gear & Engineering provides quality, fast repairs by trained engineers, designers and technicians, experienced in the special workings of gearboxes, open gearing and general machining applications.

Gear Manufacturing

Since 1911, Akron Gear & Engineering has been providing quality parts and service to a wide range of industries, from the steel mills to the medical industries.

Machining / Turning

Akron Gear possesses the equipment and knowledge to handle some of the largest machining jobs; from 120” diameter turning to 5-Axis CNC machining.

Gearbox Repair & Upgrades

From replacing bearings and seals to completely remanufacturing obsolete units, Akron Gear has the ability to refurbish your unit up to 50,000 pounds.

Reverse Engineering

Parts not available from the OEM? No Blueprints? No problem! AGE reverse engineers your parts, even damaged ones, and produces clear, detailed prints to manufacture from.

Industries We Serve

Steel · Power Generation · Mining · Plastics · Food · Wastewater · Automotive · Construction · Stamping · Recycling · Extrusion · Paper